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What types of water contaminants are there?

Water contaminants are generally grouped into one of four classes: microbiological, organic, inorganic, and radioactive. Each Innowave system performs differently in reducing contaminants, dependent upon the technologies used.

How do I know an Innowave system will do what it claims to do?

Innowave systems are tested and certified to the highest available industry standards. Testing and certification of point-of-use drinking water systems is not a requirement, but is strictly voluntary for manufacturers of water treatment equipment. This lack of standardization can lead to vast quality differences in water treatment systems. When making a product selection, be sure to always ask if the product has been tested and certified. Independent testing is your best assurance that the product will perform as the manufacturer claims it will.

What type of performance testing should I look for?

Testing and certification to ANSI/NSF standards and the Water Quality Association Gold Seal are two highly reputable programs. Products that carry the NSF mark or the WQA Gold Seal have been evaluated to ensure that the system or components of the system will perform as the manufacturer claims they will and that the literature used to sell the product is truthful.

Do Innowave systems require periodic maintenance, and by whom?

Innowave systems require maintenance only twice annually. Depending on the type of system, preventive maintenance might include changing a filter, softener, or UV lamp. Each system should also be sanitized annually. In most cases, preventive maintenance is routinely performed by an Innowave dealer.

How reliable are Innowave systems in providing high-quality water over time?

With preventive maintenance performed at six-month intervals, the quality of the water will be consistently high over the life of the equipment. With distillation systems in particular, water will be of extremely high quality, as water must first boil to convert to steam, leaving impurities behind.

How fresh is the water?

Innowave systems produce water at the point-of-use, which significantly reduces the possibility of the water being recontaminated. This eliminates concerns associated with bottled water; where water can sit stagnate for long periods of time and bacterial buildup can occur. With an Innowave system, there is no additional plumbing for the water to go through, the water does not sit stagnant for long periods, and the risk of recontamination is minimized.

What are the differences in the technologies used for treating drinking water?

Distillation, reverse osmosis, ultra violet light, ozonation, and filtration are among the most common water treatment technologies. You can easily refer to a technology comparison and compare the differences using a handy technology comparison chart. Innowave highly recommends that you consider how a system performs against all classes of contaminants, including microbiological, organic, inorganic, and radioactive contaminants. You might also want to visit the Water Quality Association Website for information regarding various water treatment options and issues.

Isn't bottled water just as good?

If you are currently a bottled water user, you should know that the FDA regulates bottled water. FDA standards for bottled water only require that the quality of the water be as good as tap water, which is monitored by the EPA. This means that the bottled water you drink might only be ordinary tap water and be legal to sell. About half of all bottled water is repackaged municipal water, according to the EPA. Innowave recommends that if you are currently using bottled water that you contact your supplier to find out how and where the water was treated before delivery.

Will water replace sugary soft drinks and coffee?

On average, people drink 4.5 servings of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages a day, according to a Nutrition Information Center survey. In order to remain hydrated, we know that the medical community recommends we consume 8 glasses of water per day. Insufficient amounts of water intake—even a 2 to 3% loss of body water—can cause symptoms of dehydration. Those who rely on sugary drinks and coffee for their daily liquid intake are more likely to suffer from grogginess, dry skin, and dehydration. Incorporating Innowave drinking water systems into an overall wellness plan can help reduce consumption of coffee and sugary soft drinks. Many experts will tell you that coffee and sugary soft drinks are OK in moderation, but not good for you when taken in excess. Far and away, water is preferred over any other beverage by medical professionals for keeping your body hydrated and healthy. Besides smoking cessation, helping your employees kick the sugar and caffeine habit may be one of the best preemptive wellness programs you can implement.

Will water consumption increase if organizations purchase a water treatment unit?

Water consumption should be a part of our normal daily routine because it is required in order to stay healthy and properly hydrated. With a water treatment system in the office break room, employees are more likely to drink water because of the health benefits associated with purified drinking water and the growing popularity of drinking water in general. We are encouraged by health officials to drink 8 12-ounce glasses of water a day and with placement of an Innowave system, consumption is more likely to increase, making a healthier work atmosphere.

What is the cost of the system?

Innowave systems can deliver high quality water for just pennies per gallon. Compared to bottled water, it's a definite bargain. There are various systems to meet your contamination reduction needs and your budget.

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