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Office Water Coolers in Grants Pass, OR

Invest in your employees when you select our value-added office water coolers in Grants Pass, OR. Pure Water Plumbing understands the importance of clean water in the home and the office. Giving your workforce cleaner water is sure to produce an improvement across the board.

When you make a commitment to improving health outcomes for your employees, you can manage the downtime your business faces due to illness. Your most valuable assets will be more alert and ready to deal with an unexpected challenge to your operation. When you improve the morale in the office and reduce the number of days lost to minor illnesses, you can start to see an improvement in productivity and the power of positivity.

Reducing Needless Complications

Efficiency is our priority when it comes to the ordering process. You have enough to worry about managing your own business without having to focus on lifting heavy bottles and ordering paperwork. We take care of that for you with our reliable system.

When you install a Waterlogic office water purifier, you can avoid needless workplace injuries from hauling and lifting heavy bottles. The system treats the water you have with advanced water filtration technology, and it doesn’t require you to have extensive space to store used bottles.

Office Water Coolers, Grants Pass

Employees Recognize the Rewards

When surveys have asked human resource managers what employees are concerned about when it comes to the workplace, they increasingly hear about water quality. They understand that it can affect their health, and staying healthy in the workplace is more important than ever. Manage your healthcare costs as an organization by having this water purification system installed.

WaterLogic Free Offer

The best way to know just how good drinking water from an Waterlogic system can be is to experience it for yourself. Your office may be eligible for a free one-week trial. You will immediately taste the quality difference of water from Waterlogic® office water coolers and your trial is completely risk free!

To see if your office is eligible for a free one week trial, simply email us or call

Your local authorized Waterlogic dealer will supply you with everything you need to know about the Waterlogic system that is just right for your workplace!